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About Shopping Day


For those who want to buy better and cheaper product but do not want to go out and comparing price by yourself. Shopping Day can help you out!

Shopping Day is the Malaysia Online Sales Website to purchase products in more convenience way and at the most competitive price, featuring a wide selection of products. To provide an enjoyable shopping experience, we choose the products that are interesting and worth to spend your money on it. We will be cooperating with Merchants to provide best offerings for you. If there are any inquiries and problems, our customer service team will be there to assist in any way they can for a better shopping experience. 
Shopping Day Malaysia was established on 22nd April of 2013. Averagely our staffs’ age are between 20 to 40 years old, so we always put ourselves on customers’ view as to what will catch their interest, what kind of product let them feel worth the price. 
We will update our deals every single week, so that we will be able to satisfy all kinds of customer. What if you trying to buy a product which you are seriously interested on it, but you find out that the deal was expired? Do not worry, we might recreate the product’s deal after a period. 
Just like all those successful Online Sales website, we aim to be one of them. We aim to grow up our team and search for much more better and interesting product to customer.