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How To Pay


First, follow steps below to pay your order.

首先, 按照以下步骤来支付您的订单。





After bank in please provide your Username, Order ID and Picture of bank slip to us by email, facebook inbox or WhatsApp

so we can follow up your order as soon as possible. When we dispatched your order, an email will be sent out to inform you the tracking details.

在您付款后,请您以 email, Facebook Inbox 或 WhatsApp 提供我们您的用户名称,订单号码和银行付款单据图片,以便我们可以尽快处理您的订单。

我们在发货后,会把包裹追踪单号 email 给您,以通知您包裹已经安排寄出。


WhatsApp: 0111 054 4778

email: spd.shoppingday@outlook.com

Facebook Inbox: https://www.facebook.com/shoppingday.com.my